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  2. Dual-use Items and technologies can be easily exported?

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    Update time : 2016-12-08 14:53:32

    Dual-use items refers to dual-use sensitive items and precursor chemicals.
    Dual-use items and technology generally refers to the sensitive items and technologies, precursor chemicals. The sensitive items and technologies namely as nuclear, nuclear dual-use items and technologies, biological dual-use items and technologies, chemical dual-use items and technologies, chemicals and missile related items and technologies; Precursor Chemicals or those Chemicals that can be used in the manufacture of drugs.

    May 13, 2009, People's Republic of China Ministry of Commerce promulgated the "dual-use items and technologies export license  Administrative Policy. According to this policy, exporting company must follow “ dual-use items and technology export license Administrative policy” , get exporting license approval, under license validity and range, can be engaged in dual-use items and technology import and export business.

    Since 2009, LPMIE become the first batch of approved enterprises of dual-use item and technology import and exported certificated by Ministry of Commerce, glass lined equipment as one of dual-use item product, if you would like to engaged dual-use items and technology business, please be sure that the enterprise can be engaged in such kind of business, so that could avoid unnecessary troubles.

    For Export product catalog of dual-use items and technology, please visiting MOFCOM website or email to lpmie@lpmie.net.