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  2. Electra Mining Africa 2014

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    Update time : 2014-09-30 10:40:00

    Electra Mining Africa 2014 was held in the Exhibition Center of Johannesburg, South Africa from September 15~ 19,2014.

    This exhibition is one of largest and most influential in Africa area, which held every 2 years. The exhibition pavilion  area of over 80 thousand square meters. The contents of the exhibition including engineering machinery, mining machinery, power engineering equipment, environmental protection equipment, chemical equipment and so on.
    Thousands of companies from more than and 50 countries and regions join in the exhibition,
    which from the United States, Japan, Canada, Germany, Australia, Sweden, Spain, India, Turkey, Russia, Brazil, Iran, Argentina, Chile, Zambia, Britain, South Korea, Angola, Botswana and China etc.

    LPMIE and hundreds of Chinese enterprises participated in the exhibition. During the meeting, South Africa investment and development department officials held an special investment promotion policy meeting for China enterprises, providing services policy for Chinese enterprises to invest in South Africa. South Africa located at the most south part of African continent, the second biggest economy community in Africa , its GDP ranked in front of other African countries, industrial system rather excellent, which was the first cooperated choice for China enterprises to enter the market of African countries.

    During in South Africa, Liaoning exhibitors delegation also visited the China Representative Office of China Iron and Steel Group in South Africa, carry out an in-depth discussion for developing South Africa market.