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  2. Fall in love with strong flavors—take an inventory of classic spicy food

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    Update time : 2017-12-01 13:14:15

    With the accelerated pace of life, more and more people love food with strong flavors,the map of spicy food is expanding.There are various kinds of chili peppers in the world,and the spicy food in different countries has its own characteristics.Let's go and look at some famous classic spicy food in the world.
    First station, Mexico
    Mexico is the birthplace of chili, nearly half the world’s chili peppers from Mexico.The mexicans are famous for eating spicy food. when they have a meal, they love to spread with lots of chili powder on food.Next,I will recommend you a famous Mexico dish—Taco,which is regarded as the soul of Mexico meal.Taco is filled with Mexico's streets and alleys,no doubt it’s one of the most popular dishes in Mexico.How to make authenticTaco?First,cook a crispy corn tortillas and wrap minced meat or chicken strips,then you’d better put some onion,parsley into it and spread with the special chili sauce,Finally,a perfect Taco appeared in front of you.When you enjoy such a delicious food,you’d better match Mexican tequila,it’s really a wonderful feeling.

    Second station,USA
    The United States is the multi-ethnic melting pot,and you can find a multitude of different cuisines here.We know that Americans have a sweet tooth,but affected by their neighbor mexicans,more and more spicy food appeared in USA.Now,Let me introduce a famous spicy food—buffalo wings,which is one of America's top 10 dishes.
    It’s different from common fcried chicken wings.You need to put chicken wings into 600 degrees’ fried pans, keep frying until the skin crispy and golden but tender inside,then take them out and spread on special chili sauce.If you feel greasy,put some vegetables on the bottom seems a good choice,and the vegetables can absorb excess oil.Americans usually dip melted blue cheeses,when they are eating buffalo wings.You’ve got to try it,the taste is incredible.

    Third station,China
    Sichuan cuisine and Hunan cuisine are important parts of Chinese eight cuisine,they are both famous for their spicy food.Sichuan hot pot is a typical representative of  Sichuan cuisine,it characterized by its spicy and pungent flavor,emphasizes on the use of chili. The hot pot soup is ruddy and attractively fragrant filled with chili and pepper,it looks great. People in sichuan like to add lots of butter to the pot,and you will find an interesting phenomenon by doing that:When the soup in the bottom heats to a boil,the surface of hot pot looks still calm. Chinese usually choose sesame oil,as it can relieve stomach discomfort if you have eaten too many spicy food.People love hot pot, not only for its tasty,but more for enjoying a warm atmosphere.The boiling soup looks like our colorful life make us feel hopeful about the future.

    Fourth station,Korea
    Korean love spicy food very much,and they like puting chili in almost all their home dishes.Their Chili sauce looks like ketchup,mainly produced by glutinous rice flour, fermented soybeans and chili,and it can be found in every Korean kitchen.Kimchi,the "quintessence"of korean food culture,is characterized by its spicy.Spicy cabbage has become the most familiar and commonly eaten Kimchi of the world,and it is eaten with most meals in Korea.Due to the lactic acid becteria,which produced in the process of curing, Kimchi can aid digestion.It is said that Kimchi also has effect of anti-cancer.Kimchi contains national soul,it can be another name for Korea. 
    Fifth station ,Thailand
    Thai food has two main characteristics:sour and spicy.It is well known that Thais love eating spicy food.Thais eat the most chilies per person—nearly about 300g per day.They like to throw a handful of chili peppers on a variety of dishes,even soup.Thai chefs like to use many kinds of ingredients such as garlic,peppers,capers,fish sauce,shrimp sauce when they are cooking .TomYan Goong,Thai’s signature dishes,is considered as the national dish of Thailand.Tom=soup,Yan=sour&spicy,Goong= shrimp,actually TomYan Goong means hot and sour seafood soup.A bowl of TomYan Goong is perfectly wonderful with great look and taste,once you have tasted,you will never forget it.

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