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  2. Foreign food packaging machine regulations analysis

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    Update time : 2015-04-28 15:12:46

    In recent years, the frequent incidents of food contamination happen around the world, in many areas in order to protect consumers appropriate laws and regulations have been drawn up to guide the packaging manufacturers and food packaging to make food packaging safely. However, these rules and regulations itself are confusing, especially when the new method was used, such as distillation, thermal packaging, liquid packaging and steam sterilization is particularly evident. In these cases, the manufacturer is often in trouble when they want to find "applicable" laws and regulations. They often can not find the appropriate laws and regulations when evaluating the current situation, or pack the export of products in "appropriate" method.
    With international trade increasing, the food packaging exportation is enlarged; a very real problem is that in order to export, it must meet customer’s requirements and standards. Therefore, whether it is from the international point of view, or on the position of consumers' food safety protection, in order to more effectively ensure the quality of food packaging safety, packaging materials testing and analysis capabilities is a priority.