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  2. What’s the most popular types of weddings in the world?

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    Update time : 2018-02-01 15:36:17
    Valentine's Day is coming soon.Have you thought of how to creat surprise and romance for the one you love?On the special day,I think the most romantic thing is to get married with your lover.No doubt,each couple would want their wedding out of ordinary,as a unique and chic wedding can leave lifelong memories for both them.Come on!Let’s look at the world’s most popular types of weddings.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The wedding which combined  tradition and modern             
    Nowadays,the wedding combined tradition and modern is very popular in many countries.For example,in China,newlyweds need to wear red Hanfu(traditional Chinese clothing)at traditional wedding.And marriage hall need to decorate into red.Chinese usually express their joy by setting off firecrackers.At present,under the influence of western culture,Chinese wedding seems change a lot.Most people choose white wedding dress instead of red one,the wedding hall is no longer red,you can decorate it in any style.and some people prefer to step on balloons rather than set off firecrackers to add joyful atmosphere,it’s safer and more environmentally.Meanwhile,some traditional wedding customs have                                         Lawn  wedding                                                        been preserved,like serving tea to parents,toasting the guests etc.        Lawn wedding has evolved from church wedding,and they have the same                                                                               
    basic flow.While People often choose such a place like suburban green land,villa garden or a lawn at lake shore to hold their lawn wedding.And it’s particularly suited to the young  people who advocate natural,full of vigor and energy.In the west,the special and chic wedding  is very popular,especially hold at the golf courses. Imagine,in brilliant sunshine,you and your lover walking into the wedding centre which decorated by beautiful flowers and verdant leaves,all the people will give you sincere best wishes.How romantic it would be! Guests can breathe fresh air,share the delicious food,and children can also enjoy playing on the lawn.Surround by nature, people will feel relaxed and comfortable.

                                           Wedding on water
    In recent years,more and more young people choose an island like bali,Saipan to hold their wedding.And they prefer to hold a wedding on water,it seems more beautiful and   romantic.There is no doubt wedding on water is fashionable now.If your wedding to be held in spring or summer,this type of wedding seems a good choice.Crystal ocean,blue sky,colourful flowers,bride’s white dress swing with the wind,you may feel fresh and comfortable in such a modern and dreamy wedding.

                                         Destination wedding
    As the name suggests,destination wedding means completing a romantic wedding in the beautiful scene during your journey.And it evolved from" bride capture",an old custom of a British minority.In ancient England, there is looting marriage customs:When a groom  capture his bride,he doesn’t bring her home at once.Instead,they live outside,and they  will have a sweet happy time during this period.Resently,more and more young people like destination wedding,as it can skip many cumbersome process.While if you decide to hold a destination wedding,be sure to prepare in advance.
                                                                                                                                                                         Personalized wedding
    For the more fashion forward people,many wedding companies focus on launching personalized theme weddings.Some of the weddings are held in special venues,like hotair balloon wedding,underwater wedding etc.Some wedding with a different form,as cross-country wedding,ski wedding ect.While some fans of films or novelshold their own wedding according to the characters of the show.For example,in honor of the movie Shrek that Vivian and Traci saw on their first date,the lovers painted themselves green and dressed up as Shrek & Fiona to hold a theme wedding.A couple from Poland completely restored the scene of movie Alice in wonderland,they held such a theme wedding and took the same theme wedding photos.The wedding of denis and nellis seems more interesting.They invited a speicial friend stepan as their witness,while stepan is a brown bear.The lovely bear wear a little bow tie looks so funny.

    With social progress,there is always something newer and creativity wedding appeared. But the most important thing is getting marriage with a person you love,not the wedding itself.If you are planning a wedding now,don’t forget to prepare some candy to the guests! Do you want to design and wrap the candy by yourself?If so,LPHT360 DoubleTwist Candy Roll Wrapping Packing Machine of LPMIE (Liaoyang Pharma Machinery Co., Ltd) can help you realize the wishes. If you want to know more, click the pictues below.