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  2. Where does mysterious Santa come from?

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    Update time : 2017-12-25 16:58:16
    When you easily find familiar Santa and colorful Christmas tree on the street,the festival ambience seems to remind us that Christmas is coming again. For children,the Chrismas day is more exciting to expect.As legend say: Santa claus,who is a lovely old man driving his reindeer with beautiful music, will bring them wonderful presents .But where does mysterious Santa come from?Which place is his hometown? Come on ! Let's go and visit Santa’s home.
    1.Finland  Rovaniemi                                                                                                          Korvatunturi,which in the north of rovaniemi Finland,is a very beautiful place.It looks like a fairy tale world covered by white snow and colorful northern lights. The master of children stories Marcus drew inspiration from Korvatunturi,and he told a story to kids through the radio: Santa claus and his reindeer are living there, and he can hear the voice of all children around the world.So every Christmas,he come out and send presents for children.Since then, Korvatunturi became the  hometown of famous Santa. The local government built the first Santa Claus village around here,and there is a special office of Santa claus used for receive children from different countries.The Santa Claus here must be trained and get a formal certificate,they are very glad to answer curious questions that children raised.You can see how they prepare presents, you can also chat and take photos with them.Of course,it also seems a good choice to visit Santa Claus house, select Christmas presents or sent a meaningful Christmas card at “Santa Claus Post Office”.

    2.Greenland  Nuuk
    Most people think Santa claus is a mysterious man,and he should live in a sparsely populated and snow covered place.Maybe the world’s largest island Greenland is such a place.There is a huge postbox on the coast of Nuuk—the capital of Greenland,the postbox can receive nearly 10 million letters every year.At the 40th World Santa Claus Congress,the chairman Fleming announced”He(Santa Claus) is from Greenland.”And the reason?We know Santa Claus has a close friend reindeer,it is generally known that Greenland has most amount of reindeers in the world.And the glaciers are widespread across here all the time,it seems Greenland is more like mysterious Santa’s hometown.

    3.Sweden Mora
    There is a small town in Sweden named mora.The area has bright green hills,lush forest, clear blue lake and lovely wild animals,it looks like the wonderland of Alice.While deep in the forest,we can find famous Santa World Tomteland. It is said that Father Christmas and his wife are living in a big house there.In their handicraft workshop,many elves help them to make presents for kids. Santa World Tomteland can arrange the whole day amusements for visiting families.Children can watch various performances and they can also interact with Santa and elves here. You’d better come here on winter,as fantastic fireworks display can be watched everynight,it’s really a wonderful feeling!About Santa Claus,there are many beautiful legends, maybe he really came from such a fairytale town.
    4.Iceland  Akureyri
    Start from Akureyri (the largest city in northern Iceland) arrive to the Lake Myvatn ,there is a lava area called Dimmuborgir,it is said that the place is Santa’s home. An old legend here about  Santa Claus has been told for hundreds of years. The legend relates that goblin Gryla and Leppaludi had 13 sons,people called them Yule Lads,who were actually Santa Claus. When they grew up,they left their home and live in Dimmuborgir.While on Chirsmas Eve, different from other  Santa Claus,they took turns to making troubles to every family.By the way,they often put some presents in good kid’s shoes.It seems that Santa Claus of iceland are filled with magic features.


    5.The United States  Alaska
    North Pole village,a famous and interesting town,is in the American state of Alaska.And the slogan here is:Everyday will be like Christmas.You can find many facilities have the mark of Christmas : Street lamps has a red-and-white candy shape, ambulance and cars use Chrismas’ classic color red and green,and the main street called Jingle Street.Will you think of a familiar  Christmas songs Jingle Bells? Similarly, there also have a Santa’s home.It’s a white house,which coverd with colorful paintings about Christmas stories. Better yet,you can take photos with 16 meters high Santa Claus ,2 meters high polar bear and elk sculpture,which are outside the house. Whether if Santa Claus live there or not,you can come here to have a American Christmas day and feel the holiday spirit!

    Anyway,no matter where Santa Claus come from,we can have a happy Chrismas. It’s really a wonderful time when you have dinner with your family on Christmas night.And don’t forget to prepare wine and presents at such a happy moment.If you want to make them by yourself,the Automatic Bottle Labelling Machine of LPMIE (Liaoyang Pharma Machinery Co., Ltd) can help you, the equipment realized integrated operation,it can lebel beautifully designed labels to the wine and bottle shaped presents. If you want to know more,please click the pictures below.