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  2. DXDC8IV Automatic High Speed Tea Bag Packaging Machine

    Item No.: LPMIE287
    It can pack&nbsp; tea powder/granule into filter paper bag with thread, tag and heat seal laminated outer bag, cartoning device is optional.

    High Speed Tea bag Packing Machine is an automatic precision machine use for packing broken tea and similar herbs into small bags and realize fully automatic procedure including ration filling, heat-sealing of tea bag, pasting thread, linking tag, envelope sealing, dividing groups and counting tea bag. Our company has developed multi-types of Tea-Packing Machine which based on advanced technology in the domestic and overseas trade and has reached the same level of imported equipment; furthermore some performances have exceeded this level.

    Tea bag packing machine Model DXDC8IV is our newest model, and features filling, heat sealing, threading, labeling and over-wrapping functions. Adopting sealing pads in place of the sealing rollers used in machines of previous generations, this new system greatly improves the machine's flexibility and enables use of different packaging materials. Main materials include paper/PE, plastic/foil/PE and plastic/PE.

    Technical data:

    1) Max. output: 105±5bags/minute
    2) Max. dosage: 8cm3
    3) Bag dimensions: 62.5 x 50mm
    4) Envelope dimensions: 80 x 70mm
    5) Tag dimensions: 28 x 24mm
    6) Thread length: 210mm
    7) Power supply: AC 380V / 220V
    8) Total power: 2.36kW
    9) Weight: 1210kg
    10) Overall dimensions: 1.688 x 1.33 x 2.205m
    11)Packing: 1pc/carton
    Carton dimensions: 1.84 x 1.29 x 1.89m

    Packing material consumption

    1)Filter paper: 7500kg
    2)Tag paper: 10000tags/kg
    3)Thread: 20000bags/spool(4270m)
    4)Vinayil: 70000bags/kg
    5)Envelope paper: 2200bags/kg
    Note:the consumption is collected from untransparent OPP 20/Pearl OPP 35 film. Other materials will be different.