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  2. Manual Chinese Pill Making Machine

    Item No.: LPMIE132
    Small desktop chinese pill making machine.
    Product parameters
    Model: LPAW-16
    Capacity: 1kg/hour
    Power: 1.2kw
    Weight: 22kg
    Dimension: 550x330x450mm

    The pills are welcomed by patients and medical departments, which are made from crushing and mixed traditional Chinese medicine, especially some well-know and expensive value Chinese medicine.
    This machine is best suited for small factories, laboratories for the large and medium pharmaceutical plants, research institutes of Chinese medicine, hospital, private clinic, Chinese medicine shops, processing and marketing office for famous and expensive nourishing food, and development department for the Pill-making foodstuff.
    Use and functions:

    This machine produces some products, including honey, condense, and water with honey, watered pills, and pilled foodstuff, especially coating and baking in the operation
    The machine has heating,rotating and baking device, it is easy to produce pills to average brightness and smoothness required.

    1. The inner touching surface for substance and outer shell are made of the stainless steel, it fully complies with GMP standard.
    2. This machine adopts the voltage by 220v, which is very convenient to use for the family.
    3. Real original factory supplied, not the false commodity.
    Main technical parameter:

    Model LPAW-16
    Production capacity 1kg/hour
    Pill size 3,4,5,6,7,8mm
    Motor power 180w
    Heating power 1kw
    Power supply 220V/50HZ
    Dimension 550x330x450mm
    Weight 22kg