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  2. Multiple-Dosage Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine

    Item No.: LPMIE183
    The machine can pack different shapes/sizes of tablet/capsule/softgel/pill into the same pouch automatically.
    Product parameters
    Model: KVDM
    Capacity: 20-70 Pouches/minute
    Power: depends
    Weight: depends
    Dimension: depends


    KVDM Model Automatic Counting Machine could pack 2 or more different products into a bag at some proportion such as capsule, tablet, pill or candy etc.



    This machine adopts adjustable volumetric cup or disc plate and assure the precise measuring. It adopts speical lubricantion system, which assures the continuous lubrication inside the bearings and increase its life. It could accomplish bag forming, measurement, filling, sealing, cutting and easy tearing, counting and coding etc.

    Packaging material:Paper/PE, BOPP/PE, Polyester/Foil/PE, Polyester/PE, Filter Paper etc laminated material.

    Bag type:3-side seal bag or 4-side seal bag or pillow bag/back central seal bag.


    Technical Parameter


    Name KVDM-40N KVDM-150N
    Bag size L: 55-110mm L: 70-150mm
    W: 30-80mm W: 70-115mm
    Capacity 35-70 bag/m 20-50bags/m
    Filing range 5-40ml 30-150ml
    Power supply 220V/110V 220V/110V
    Dimensions As per the products As per the products