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  2. Stainless Steel Knife Double Side Grinding Machine

    Item No.: LPMIE146
    LPM300 knife grinder is used to grind the double side of all kinds of?fruit?knife,?steak knife,kitchen knife and so on.
    Product parameters
    Model: LPM300
    Capacity: Steady & Controlled
    Power: 7.5kw*2
    Weight: 3500kg
    Dimension: 1800*1700*1300mm
    Product Description


    The knife grinding machine is used to grind the double side of all kinds of fruit knife, steak knife,kitchen knife and so on.

    LPM300 knife grinder for automatic two-sided horizontal grinding machines, with cylindrical grinding wheel face, by adjusting the grinding different slope, it is mainly used for grinding various knife knife, steak knife blade part of the tool, the machine can be grinding blades of two sides, with grinding are of good quality and high production efficiency, low labor intensity.

    Technical Data


    Model  LPM300
    Motor power 7.5kw*2
    Lapping length 300mm
    Weight  3500kg