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  2. ZP31/35/37D Rotary Tablet Press Machine

    Item No.: LPMIE251
    This machine is a double pressing type rotary tablet press machine for production of double-layer, special shape and ring shape tablet.

    This machine is a double pressing type capable of automatic revolution and continuous pressing to press raw material in particle form into tablets.
    It mainly applies to the tablet production in pharmaceutical industry and also is applicable to chemical, food, electronic and etc.
    Stainless steel casing is of fully enclosed structure and internal surfaces are made of stainless steel. The surface of the rotary table receives special treatment so that is can both maintain the surface gloss and prevent cross infection, and conform to GMP requirements as well.
    Windows and doors with transparent glasses results in clear watch for tablets and side panel can be fully opened so as to achieve easy cleaning and service of inside.
    All controllers and operability are reasonably arranged, frequency conversion device is used to regulate speed electrically, which is featured by easy operation, steady rotation, safety and correctness. Overload protective device is mounted so that when the pressure is overloaded, the machine will automatically stop.
    The mech-electrical equipment uses touch key and screen display.
    Enclosed in the oil tank below the main body of the machine, the transmission system are totally separated individual components. in this way, the parts won't cause cross infection and as the transmission parts are immersed in the oil tank, they are easy to dissipate the heat and abrasion resistant.
    The machine is furnished with powder measuring device and etc. it has common structure with the existing product ZP33,which facilitates standardization, interchange ability and series dies are interchangeable with tablet press ZP17.

    Model ZP31D ZP35D ZP37D
    Dies 31 sets 35 sets 37 sets
    Max. pressure 80KN 60KN 60KN
    Max. dia.
    of tablet
    (22mm for
    special shape)
    (16mm for
    special shape)
    (16mm for
    special shape)
    Max. depth of fill 15mm 15mm 15mm
    Max. thickness
    of tablet
    6mm 6mm 6mm
    Turret speed 14-36rpm 14-36rpm 14-36rpm
    Production capacity 130000pcs/hour 150000pcs/hour 150000pcs/hour
    Motor 5.5KW 1030rpm 4KW 1030rpm 4KW 1030rpm
    Power supply 380V/50HZ 3P 380V/50HZ 3P 380V/50HZ 3P
    Overall size 1170x1150x1750mm 1170x1150x1750mm 1170x1150x1750mm
    Weight 1950kg 1950kg 1950kg