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  2. ZWXB-300 High Speed SNUS/SNUFF Packing Machine To Product Disinfectants During The Outbreak

    Item No.: LPMIE101
    The machine can pack tobacco powder/granule into filter paper, it is used for SNUS, SNUFF, FILTER KHAINI, Smokeless tobacco etc.
    Product parameters
    Model: ZWXB-300
    Capacity: 20-30 zipper bags/min
    Power: 4KW
    Weight: 600kg
    Dimension: 5025X1170X2300mm

    The ZWXB-300 High Speed Sachet Packaging Line consists of ZWXB-300 High Speed Sachets Packing Machine and Converyer belt and ZWXB-100 Zipper bag packing machine. The whole line could realizes fully automatic forming, filling and sealing machine for small sachets, and then some sachets are packed into the zipper bag by the zipper bag packing machine, the processing sequence is as: the filter paper is drawn off from the reel, and formed to be a tube through collar-turning former and sealed, the conveyer belt conveys the sachets to the zipper bag packing machine, finally the packing machine will pack some quantitive sachets into the zipper bag. It is suitable for packing all kinds granulated product.


    To adopt PLC, Human-machine interface, concentrated control and operation;The whole line is controlled automatically. 
    Filling volume is adjustable.
    Moisture is adjustable.
    Sachet Number in zipper bag is adjustable.             
    Packaging speed is adjustable.
    Automatic alarm without film or tobacco material.

    Technical Parameters

    Capacity: 20-30 zipper bags/min (As per the number of sachets in the zipper bag)
    Power supply: 240V 50Hz 1Phase
    Total Power: 4KW
    Compressed air: 6kg/cm3, 1.1m3/min
    Dimensions of whole line: 5025X1170X2300mm